Fairy Rings



Fairy Rings

The word that keeps coming to me as I pray through and seek vision from God over what the future holds is partnership.  As I was contemplating this, the picture that came to mind was a fairy ring.  Most of you probably aren’t very familiar with fairy rings unless you have studied mushrooms, but a fairy ring grows from a single mushroom spore (seed).  From that one spore, more mushrooms grow up around the outside forming a ring.

The fungus begins to grow underground where it is unseen to the eye, yet very much alive.  As is gains nutrients, it stretches out, and when conditions are right, the mushrooms come to the surface.  It is at this phase that the ring is visible.

As we embark on this journey, it actually is the fruit of years of growth, under the surface.  For many years I have been partnering with Adonai International Ministries to serve the least of these in Guatemala.  Others in the community came along side of me and we have been meeting and planning and praying over our time in Guatemala for months.  We have begun a child sponsorship program where others can partner to help out one child as well as a widow’s program to serve the widows and their children in the hardest hit region.  And we as a body of Christ continue to pray as well, for the lives of those we serve on a daily basis.  All of these things create partnership.

Just like the mushrooms in a fairy ring, our goal is to partner directly with Adonai in a mutualistic relationship where both parties benefit.  It begins as a small seed and spreads its roots deep so that others can benefit as well.  Those mushrooms (really the fruit of the fungus) are popping up all around.  They are represented by you.  Thank you for investing in the lives of those in Guatemala.

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