Physics is f = μ Ν

There are many things that I remember from my high school physics teacher, but I think the most monumental was the day we learned that physics is f = μ Ν. For those of you that can’t see this, physics is fun. Honestly, I already enjoyed physics by the time Mr. Zarger shared this fact with us in class…. and honestly, it was my teacher’s sense of humor and way of teaching that really motivated me more than the material. But I am still convinced that physics can be fun.  It can be challenging and frustrating at times, yet I still remember much from my time in that class – most importantly the enthusiasm my teacher had for learning.  Physics is a course that is central to our curriculum here and honestly one that the students have come to loathe because the material is so different from anything that they have ever studied.

I have two friends that are physics teachers and can honestly take any every day situation and make it into an exercise in physics. They are creative, full of energy and have the same heart/passion as I have. When my friend asked if she would be of any use this summer, I didn’t hesitate to say “YES” as there was more than a use for her. I could use the creative juices in the physics side of the curriculum as I know the demonstrations and fun that can be had is endless. I just haven’t been on the planning side to make it happen.

And so my mind has been thinking in forces and altitudes and equations for the last two days. The smiles on the students faces and enjoyment in applying their learning to actual hands on science is priceless. Memorizing an equation can get you nowhere if you can’t actually apply it. Trevor and Steph are using materials we can get here to teach the students how to measure altitude and velocity. Here is a sneak peak.


Attention to detail is important.


Applying their data to their calculations


Trev more than excited to explain the fun.


Using their homemade altimeter to determine the height of different trees and buildings.


Physics is fun for all generations!


Determining the altitude of their rocket.


Can’t get enough of it!  Trying to apply what they learned, to the rocket that they built.

1 thought on “Physics is f = μ Ν

  1. Physics – fun ?!? Who knew 🙂 if anyone could do it, Trevor and Steph would be the ones! Enjoyed reading the post and seeing how God is using all of you in that place.

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